Find Your Style - The Tattoo Sandbox

Illustrative Tattooing Workshop With Ande Chambers

  • Our goal is to create a cohort, a peer to peer group who support and challenge each other.
  • This Workshop is less about consuming information and more about playing and doing. This is a Tattoo Sandbox
  • The majority of our time will be spent producing work, offering support and getting better.
  • This workshop is not about stealing tricks. It’s not about listening to lectures or watching webinars.  It’s about exploring, taking the time to develop new skills, challenging ourselves and each other
  • Are you ready to challenge yourself? To take your work to a new level? If so, keep reading.

Workshop Outline

The workshop is designed to be entertaining. It will mimic a real life situation in the life of a tattooer. We will begin by working with a new (imaginary) client on a sleeve design. The client is willing to give us full creative control with a few minor requirements. There might be a few unexpected twists and turns during the design process that we have to adjust for on the fly.

In addition to the main sleeve design, we will sprinkle in a few interesting “breakout challenges”. These challenges will be short, fun and will give us all the opportunity to play around with some fun concepts that we will bring back and apply to the main design

Ande and Jake will be participating right along with the group and will be putting their work out there for feedback as well.

The goal is to have a blast, develop a ton of new skills and hopefully make some new friends and creative partners in the process


This workshop is designed to challenge you (and us).  The workload will be manageable but not easy. If you do not feel like you are in a position to put in the work on your own drawings as well as offer support and critique to others in the group, this is not the best place for you. We are planning to make significant leaps in our drawing and tattooing over the course of this workshop. However, that can only be done with dedication and support from everyone involved.

Workshop Dates: Tentative date of 11/2

Zoom meetings will be held each Monday. Otherwise, the majority of our work will be done through a private Discord server. This is where we will present drawings, provide critiques and encourage each other.

Tuition $1000 (a $200 Deposit will hold your spot) 

Well, are you ready? If so, fill out your name and info at the link below and we'll do the rest.


About Your Instructors

Ande Chambers is one of the best large scale illustrative artists in the tattoo industry. Mainly because he constantly challenges himself to produce something different and better with each project. 

Jake Meeks is a tattooer and educator who is focused on helping artists discover their own unique mark making through simplifying the problems that we face as visual artists.