Submitted 12.31.22

On Tattoo Approach “...and Gogue was pretty much like…’I’m either going to do this or nothing’...and I kind of heard that, and I was like, okay cool so I’m going to do that. So, I always feel like whatever you’re good at, whether it’s packing black, pulling lines, whatever that one thing is, do it everywhere.”

— Mattlock Lopes

[13:37] On Tattoo Style “when people tell me what I do, I’m like really? I’m just doing a bad version of realism. I like photo manipulated this thing, and I’ve tried my hardest to, like, use what I think is the right approach…and it turns out this is my style. And when people ask me like, how do you find your style? It's like, how did you draw before tattooing? And then if you just did that and found a way to apply that, you're going to have a style.”

— Mattlock Lopes

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Smashin' Mags with Mattlock Lopes | EP 260

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