White Ink Over Black Ink!?! | 3 Minutes to Better Tattooing |

Submitted 02.14.23
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White Ink Over Black Ink?!? 3 Minutes to Better Tattooing

Submitted 02.10.23
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Make Your Tattoo Machine Work For You

Submitted 02.06.23
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Improvised Tattoo Shading-To Define Shapes And Edges

Submitted 02.05.23
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Creating Transitions in Tattoos with Pressure Variation

Submitted 02.04.23
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Tips for Shading Color Tattoos

Submitted 02.02.23
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Finding the Right Clients | Teresa Sharpe | EP 247

Submitted 01.31.23
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Blocking in Color-Lining Tattoos with a Shader

Submitted 01.25.23
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Why Line With a Shader? | Fireside Technique |

Submitted 01.23.23
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What Makes These Tattoo Machines Feel Different?

Submitted 01.19.23
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Insight on “Bog” in Tattoo Machines

Submitted 01.18.23
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Use This Color Trick in Your Next Tattoo Pt 2

Submitted 01.11.23
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Use this Color Trick in Your Next Tattoo | Fireside Technique | EP 31

Submitted 01.09.23
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Finding Your Zone in Tattooing and Mattlock's Ideas on Style

Submitted 12.31.22
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3D Modeling for Realistic Tattoos | Javi Antunez | EP 261

Submitted 12.22.22
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Light Sources, Focus, and Shop Equality | Rember Orellana | EP 170

Submitted 12.16.22
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Smashin' Mags with Mattlock Lopes | EP 260

Submitted 12.15.22
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Learn with Online Courses

Submitted 07.07.22
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